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We believe the optimum environment for sustained life-change toward becoming more like Jesus is within the context of life-on-life relationships. That's why we do Life Groups. Discipleship happens when we pursue and prioritize authentic community (accountability, belonging & care) and spiritual growth (intimacy with God, community with insiders, & influence with outsiders).

In Community, we belong and become!


Grow Groups

Grow groups are small groups of people who choose to “do life” together and draw closer to Jesus together. These groups are designed to help its members grow spiritually. They typically meet weekly for 18-24 months, and we try to keep them limited to about 12-16 people.

Support Groups

Support Groups are a gathering where group members connect with others in a safe environment with a singular focus on facing common issues and receiving support and encouragement. Some examples of Support Group types are addiction or abuse recovery and navigating through grief.

How to Sign-up

At any time, you can view online the descriptions of open life groups and also request to join many open groups! Additionally, you can view the listing of new Life Groups that will be available to join at the next Groups Launch Event!

Launch Events

Launch Events occur after Sunday Services in the Church Foyer at the beginning of the Fall, Winter and Spring Group Semesters. The events are an opportunity for people to learn specific details on the numerous Life Groups being launched each semester with the availability to sign up and join a group right at the event!

Start a Life Group

Are you considering starting a Life Group? We would love the chance to meet with you and explore the numerous opportunities available in the Life Groups Ministry!

Plan your first visit

We're joyfully making room for you, your friends, and your family. We want your first visit with us to be comfortable and inspiring. Join us.

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