Welcome to StudentLife, the Youth Ministry at Life Church Buffalo! Our Mission is to help students know and follow Jesus step by step. We are firm believers that the youth of today are not the “next generation”, they are the NOW generation!  Our Student Ministry is about more than just sermons, small group, and games (although we’ve got plenty of those). It’s strategically designed to speak directly to and disciple a middle/high schooler – and the people who invest in them, too. 

Middle School Ministry

6th-8th Graders meet every Sunday during our 11:00am experience in the StudentLife Rooms.  We want to help middle schoolers begin to take ownership of their faith and learn how to read the Bible on their own.

The Middle School Ministry has events outside of Sunday mornings to help give our students a space to connect, have fun, and build friendships. Throughout the year there are retreats, camps, mission trips, and outreach events specifically targeted at our Middle School Ministry.

High School Ministry

8th-12th Graders meet every Wednesday Night at 7pm. We want high schoolers to continue taking ownership of their faith and walk in the unique calling God has for their lives. We aim to equip them for the challenges they'll face in their college years and beyond.

The High School Ministry students attend the adult experience on Sunday mornings, and many of them serve together in Kidslife. They also have events and Serve Day projects designed to help them connect, have fun, grow in their faith, and build friendships together.


The Middle and High School Ministries have regularly scheduled events inside and outside of the church designed to help them connect with each other and to give them an avenue to invite friends to join in the fun.

Some of the events are combined across middle and high school, and some are separate. Throughout the year we plan retreats, camp trips, mission trips and outreach events, and some just plan fun outings specifically for our Student Ministry students.  From laser tag to nursing home visits, and Kingdom Bound to overseas missions, there is something for EVERY student. You belong here!

Plan your first visit

We're joyfully making room for you, your friends, and your family. We want your first visit with us to be comfortable and inspiring. Join us.

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